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You guys were (and are) amazing. The number of fb posts and instagram posts that our guests have uploaded of your set, just confirms how impressive you all are!

- A bride from a wedding in Aurora

I cannot even begin to express how amazing these musicians are! We were so blessed to have them perform at our wedding last night and were the highlight of the night. The artistry that they show in their performances and care they give their clients is unmatched. You can see the absolute joy in their faces as my guests were dancing along with their amazing tunes. Peter Cavanagh was incredibly patient and worked with us to come up with a show stopping setlist. Thank you for making our day absolutely memorable.


- Your friends, Mae and Jeremy

I just wanted to extend my gratitude to you and your band for your performance on Friday. Our employees thought it was a fantastic job and were thoroughly entertained. Thank you so much on behalf of the company for your time!


I hope all is well and that you have a wonderful holiday season.



- A client speaking on our performance at the Optimus SBR corporate party 

Hey Peter,

Thanks for being such a huge part of the night! We received numerous compliments and songs of praise about you and the band! You guys were great, and we really appreciated your enthusiasm and music! We also wanted to thank you for your flexibility in starting later than originally planned - was a bit hectic as you could tell!


(Though I'm not sure Katie will thank you quite as much as I will for my sneaky move of getting her to drum in her wedding dress - everyone loved that too! :).

Thanks again, and hope we can cross paths again in the future.



Katie + Dave

By far my favourite part of the night! You were the best act there. Great set list and thanks for some fun music!

- A member of the audience at the ROM's, "Friday Night Live"

"They’re amazingly good. The sound is great. They have a lot of energy. And you can just tell that they’re musicians,” she said.

Within roughly 30 seconds, the Sidewalk Crusaders command a crowd.

With a saxophone to his lips, Cavanagh seems caught up in the moment. Soon he’s strutting down a busy street, swaying to the beat, lost in the melody like fellow saxophonist Lisa Simpson in those iconic opening credits.

- Lauren Pelley - The Toronto Star 



Last night I was in awe by your performance at a wedding I attended. 


I was blown away and enjoyed every minute of each song your band played.

- A guest at a wedding in Hamilton

The free-spiritedness of the band’s performances often spurs spontaneity in their audiences


- Katrina Vogan - The Varsity 

Hey Peter,


Thanks for playing a fantastic set at the wedding! Everyone loved it and a bunch of people recognized you from your busking performances. Also - GREAT job at the Hora. You played like pros

And just so you know - a week later, people are still telling us how amazing you were!

- A bride from a wedding in Toronto

Hi Peter,


I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Pauline, myself and all of Bayshore for your wonderful entertainment at the Holiday Lunch. It was great was a pleasure having you back to play at the event. 


All the best 



The Sidewalk Crusaders

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