You guys were (and are) amazing. The number of fb posts and instagram posts that our guests have uploaded of your set, just confirms how impressive you all are!

- Client (and bride) from a wedding in Aurora.

By far my favourite part of the night! You were the best act there. Great set list and thanks for some fun music!

- October 15, 2016 at The Royal Ontario Museum - Rachel Cornejo

I just wanted to extend my gratitude to you and your band for your performance on Friday. Our employees thought it was a fantastic job and were thoroughly entertained. Thank you so much on behalf of the company for your time!


I hope all is well and that you have a wonderful holiday season.



- A client for a corporate party at the Four Seasons Hotel

They’re amazingly good. The sound is great. They have a lot of energy. And you can just tell that they’re musicians,” she said.”

Within roughly 30 seconds, the Sidewalk Crusaders command a crowd.”

With a saxophone to his lips, Cavanagh seems caught up in the moment. Soon he’s strutting down a busy street, swaying to the beat, lost in the melody like fellow saxophonist Lisa Simpson in those iconic opening credits.

- Lauren Pelley, The Toronto Star (Oct. 5 2014)



Last night I was in awe by your performance at a wedding I attended. 


I was blown away and enjoyed every minute of each song your band played.

- Guest at a wedding in Hamilton

Hey Peter,


Thanks for playing a fantastic set at the wedding! Everyone loved it and a bunch of people recognized you from your busking performances. Also - GREAT job at the Hora. You played like pros

And just so you know - a week later, people are still telling us how amazing you were!

- A wedding client from Toronto.

The free-spiritedness of the band’s performances often spurs spontaneity in their audiences

- Katrina Vogan, The Varsity ( Sept. 9, 2013)